What is dignity compared to fried chicken_  My writeup of Mother Clucker, my favorite London food tr
Because sometimes we just need Southern food for breakfast
Foreign policy
Some Fridays require copious amounts of under eye concealer and comfy jeans.jpg Some Fridays require
Anyone for a dip in the baths at Bath_
Liberty London!
#tubestrikeviews #London
Selfridges, you aren't bad
I volunteer just around the corner from this.jpg I know exactly how lucky I am
Expanding Jeff's horizons
One of those, _Yeah, I live and work here,_ moments
#Paris and #Versailles  throwback, _brave_the_earth got sneaky with the camera
#tubestrikeviews #London
Things that do not suck_ my walk home from the gym
Playing tour guide for visiting family today!
Chinatown after dark
Getting mystical before heading to Bath
doing some homework
Heavens, you'd think I'd had a favourite colour or something.jpg.jpg
Brunch happened

Vital Stats


Born: Guam

Educated: DC, Germany, Texas, Virginia, Guam again, and Utah

Currently Living: London

Status: Culturally Confused 


Cadence has been writing since she was nine years old, freelancing since 2008, and working full time in marketing and communications since 2013. Clients have included authors, journalists, marketing specialists, small businesses, and investors. She helps brands develop their unique narratives and connect with their target customers through integrated media campaigns, beautiful sales collateral and intelligent communications. 


Her creative, journalistic, and professional work has appeared on the stage, online, and in the New York Times.


By day she works as a marketing and comms professional in London; by night she explores the city, writes, and edits. She also tries to make a debut novel manuscript behave itself, but let's not talk about that. 



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